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Medical Travelers are seeking the best, friendliest, safest and most comfortable global destinations. If you already have a successful mix of tourist and business travelers, your country or region is ready to take advantage of a high-performing medical tourism product.

Medical Travelers come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. Your country or region is already attracting tourists and business people daily. What's your next step?

Each of your current visitors could be a medical tourist, and by studying and analyzing your current guests, you can establish the foundation of a successful medical tourism product.

Second, consider your visitor base as the center of an onion. What is the next layer beyond that center? What is the next logical layer of medical services to offer? That's the process RFP-Gobal will employ to help you build a custom planned medical tourism product that perfectly fits both where you are and where you want to be. It's a planning process that focuses you on what you, your country or region, does best, and keeps you from wasting resources competing in areas that simply don't represent your best interest.

Just like treating a hip replacement patient, though each person is receiving the same procedure, each is also unique in their needs and their outcomes. Your country is the same... though you want medical tourism, just like your neighbors, your medical tourism product should be unique to you.

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