Medicine & Medical Tourism Benefits

Foreign Exchange
Every county seeks to increase its foreign exchange. Medical Tourism capitalizes on this with an industry that can generate millions of dollars (USD) with even a modest surgically-based facility. 

Foreign Direct Investment
Creating the right environment built around the right infrastructure outside the boundaries of the U.S. and EU creates significant and highly attractive investment opportunities from biotech, pharma, and other healthcare related enterprises. 

Knowledge/Technology Transfer
Does your country have an Electronic Health Record? Does your country regularly send citizens to other nations because the healthcare they need and the healthcare you are required to provide is not available in-country? You can change that. You can elevate the standards of healthcare delivery and access and your country can become a net exporter of healthcare for your region. 

Healthcare and Medical Tourism create new and exciting opportunities to not only expand your educational programming, but to become an exporter of healthcare educational opportunities. Whether it is based on teaching the use of electronic health records (EHR/EMR), establishing new training programs for radiology technology and other ancillary staff levels, or expanding on administrative learning, your nation will grow in its educational base.

For every full time physician on your medical staff at your Medical Tourism hospital, you can expect four to six non-physician full time staff jobs. A small hospital with 20 physician staff members could create as many as 120 new jobs. And, this does not take into account the exponential factor of spin off employment in other service sector areas, both those serving the hospital infrastructure needs and those serving patients and their companions. Further, healthcare workers in general earn more than hotel and other hospitality-related employment. Thus a small healthcare facility contributes a disproportionately high amount of income and tax revenues to the country.

Tourism Differentiation
Medical Tourist spend nearly double the amount of a regular tourist, and when you country, your island paradise is known as a healthcare destination, more High Net Worth Tourists will come your way. It's a simple fact, HNWT tend to be older, and older travelers are more concerned about the availability of healthcare services and resources than younger travelers. Don't try differentiating your destination with another all-inclusive family resort. Differentiate with Medical Tourism. 

Patient Retention
Today your citizens and long-term visitors who have effective international medical insurance plans may be leaving your country to find care abroad. This outmigration can be costing your government millions of dollars is lost taxes, foreign transfer of funds, work productivity and fees for services. You can stop this outmigration with an effective program of international medicine. 

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