Medical Staff Development

While excellent physicians are trained and practice in every nation and territory in the world, international medicine and medical tourism is predicated on the strongest marketing message. Globally, the strongest medical package is U.S. Trained Board Certified Physicians.

Students from around the world travel to the U.S. to acquire the best and most demanding training. Patients do the same. Annually more than a million visitors come to the U.S. for healthcare needs. These travelers include heads of state, business and industrial leaders as well as average citizens simply seeking the best in healthcare.
  • Recruitment & Retention
Your option, and the option RFP-GLobal™ will assist you with, is to recruit U.S. trained physicians to your international medicine, medical tourism destination.

RFP-Global's leadership has recruited hundreds of physicians and can help you in determining the strategy, compensation, clinical mix and other factors to best fit your medical tourism objectives while continuing to support your local medical community.

  • Continuing Medical Education
Many destinations are seeking to expand training and education of their medical staffs in order to provide new services or to simply stay abreast of the most current subject matter knowledge. 

  • Medical Staff Integration
Excellent physicians practice in your country and around the world. RFP-G provides the basis for selecting the best physicians globally and then creating an environment where they can practice their best medicine, expand their international credentials and serve as the foundation for the quality of your international/medical tourism product.

We can provide U.S. Board Certified physicians in virtually any specialty for both interventional or ongoing training and educational programming.

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