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Maoming Peoples Hospital in Guangdong Province China  (   is seeking U.S. trained, board certified physicians to provide educational programming for members of its medical staff. The focus of the programming is for U.S. physicians to present current and or emerging clinical management information, pharmacology, uses of technology, patient management or other topics the U.S. physicians believe would also be of interest to Chinese colleagues. 

The programming is planned as regular Zoom conferences with each being no more than one hour with a combination of presentation and Q&A. The programming would be conducted between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Easter Time US. If you are interested you may provide one program or several programs.  

Compensation for presentations will be $200 USD for each hour presentation. 

If interested, contact Robert Priddy, 720-339-3585 |

Predicated on the fact that China's healthcare system in experiencing the most significant revitalization in more than a generation, CHAM is positioned to bring Robotic Surgery capabilities to hospitals and health systems for which initial capital outlays may be cost prohibitive. CHAM is focused on creating win/win relationships with innovative Chinese healthcare organizations to bring them the latest robotic technologies from U.S. and other significant jurisdictions. 
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Caribbean Medical Tourism Complex

This is a "pre-announcment" project located in a significant Caribbean location. The project is currently slated to include a U.S. based surgical specialty hospital, coordinated hospitality offerings and a senior living community. Once complete, it will represent the standard for other Caribbean nations to emulate. 

International Simulation Training
RFP-Global and Council For US-China Medical Technology Exchanges LLC are collaborating with leading U.S. institutions on a project to bring the latest in medical simulation training to top ranked Chinese Hospitals

Psychological Counseling for U.S. and Chinese Expats CHROME for translation
Focused primarily on U.S. executives and their families living in the Asian Diaspora and on Chinese Students residing in North America, this services is predicated on the recognition of the stresses of living in different cultures and far from our home bases. Staffing is predominately by PhD trained Psychologists and counseling sessions are contused by Voice and Video Web chat. 

International Healthcare Executive & Leadership Training
In collaboration with a leading U.S. educational institution, programming focuses on leadership development for senior administrative and clinical executives built around a U.S. model of healthcare organization, delivery and development.